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Black Bear Hunting

A Maine Black Bear is a wily creature with eyesight as good as yours and a sense of smell seven times stronger than that of a bloodhound. Generally a reclusive animal, a bear will log many extra hours foraging in the fall. Their voracious appetite, caused by the annual change in metabolism and coinciding with our fall hunting season, is a boon for a hunter. Male Black bears weigh 120-600 lbs in the fall. Grand Lake Hunt will set the stage for your trophy bear hunt, the closing act is up to you.

Priced per hunter


(7 days and 6 nights)

Home-Cooked Meals

Experienced Guides

Tracking and Recovering of game

Field dressing of game

Purchase any Bear Hunt and receive a 10% discount on any preserve hunt!!

Best Package

Add-on Special


Available for an additional fee

  • Skinning, Caping, and Quartering your kill

  • Meat Processing by a local USDA certified facility

  • Taxidermy by a local taxidermist

  • Accommodation for a non-hunting guest ($200/day)

  • Combo Hunt Packages at a discounted fee

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