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Elk Hunting

Elk are remarkably adaptable animals. Historically, these regal creatures have lived in a variety of habitats across North America, preferring open woodlands to dense forest. They are easily identifiable by their size, surpassed only by that of a moose. During the cooler months of the year, they sport well-developed, dark neck manes that contrast sharply with their light brown body color. Bulls can weigh 900 lbs or more, and grow antlers that can span 5 feet. There is no better place to experience the thrill of an elk hunt than here at Grand Lake Hunt.  


up to 250"


(3 days and 2 nights)

Home-Cooked Meals

Experienced Guides

Tracking and Recovering of game

Field dressing of game


up to 260"

Best Package

Day Hunt Only

Excludes lodging and meals


Available for an additional fee

  • Skinning, Caping, and Quartering your kill

  • Meat Processing by a local USDA certified facility

  • Taxidermy by a local taxidermist

  • Accommodation for a non-hunting guest ($200/day)

  • Combo Hunt Packages at a discounted fee

100% Guarantee Kill

If no animal is harvested/wounded, only the deposit will be retained. We consider wounded animals a kill, although every effort will be made to recover your animal. A full payment will be required if an animal is wounded (as determined by a verified shot and/or blood found).

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