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Red Stag Hunting

Red Stag Hunting

Red Deer are well known for their beautiful coats, but it is impossible to assign a single color. Shades of reds, browns, and greys can be seen helping them blend in to the woods that is their natural habitat. Stags can weigh 600 lbs and females, called hinds, generally weigh up to 300 lbs. Red Stags carry their impressive antlers with a pride that is entirely justified. A 12-point trophy is nothing to hang your head over, but the game does not stop at 12 points. Some Red Stags grow 40+ points. Let the games begin at Grand Lake Hunt. How many points will your trophy have?

Red Stag Hunts

Most of our Red Stag Hunts are done in ground blinds or from ladder stands that we hang if you come during the rut. Some of our Red Stag Hunts are spot and stalk in the mornings if the weather permits and afternoons more stationary hunts work best. Grand Lake’s most popular Red Stag hunts are in the 350-inch range and are usually five by five bulls. At Grand Lake Hunt Preserve, the total property is eight hundred acres, about 4.8 miles of high fence around the preserve. All the wild game we hunt are raised on the preserve itself in a natural setting. The preserve is all thick Maine woods which has about thirty acres of open fields. Grand Lake usually has around five hundred Red Stags on the property at any given time.

We currently hold two number one SCI records, rifle 687 inches and pistol 575 inches. If you personally are looking for the next number one SCI record book trophy we believe, at the time of this writing, we have trophy Red Stag that can overtake the current Archery and Muzzleloader records. We have seven or eight trophy Red Stags on the property that will score mid five hundred inches to low six hundred inches. If you are seriously after a SCI World Record Red Stag Hunt, it is best to confirm we have visual confirmation of Red Stags over the 550-inch mark prior to finalizing your reservations. Most of your shot distances will be 100 to 120 yards and can reach out to around 250 yards. If you are wondering what to zero your rifle to, we recommend a one hundred yard zero but know your limits and where your shots hit at distances out to 250 yards if possible. The recommended caliber for Red Stag Hunting is a .270 or larger like the .308 and 30-06 which are fantastic hard-hitting rounds.

Typical Red Stag Hunt Schedule

During your stay at Grand Lake Hunt Preserve, we will provide three meals a day and there are always snacks on the counter and other items in the refrigerator for snacks. Usually, breakfast is between 8:00 and 9:00. If we go out in the morning then we will wait until we come back from the Red Stag Hunt, but it is always a full breakfast. Lunch is around 1:00 o'clock or so. During the colder months lunch will be a nice soup or stew and if it is during the warmer weather lunch is generally hoagies, steak sandwiches, or something of that nature. Dinner is usually ready around 5:30 or 6:00. The meals are home cooked and prepared from scratch. There is nothing premade even the biscuits are cooked every day from scratch. All our meats are game from the ranch and either Red Stag or Buffalo which has been USDA certified. We only serve what we sell on the ranch, and we do not serve anything else.

Red Stag Hunting Lodge

The Red Stag Hunting Lodge is a 2,400 square foot lodge that has two closed rooms. Each room has a queen and a full-size bed along with a loft that has three beds. When families are here, the children just love sleeping in the loft. We also have an outside building that has two rooms, one with a queen bed and one more room with two twins. The Red Stag Hunting Lodge is onsite, private, and offers family friendly, corporate, and group lodging. Though we can sleep quite a few, we never take more than three or four Red Stag hunters at a time and leave plenty of room for guests.

Red Stag Processing

After your Red Stag Hunt, we have a couple of options for Red Stag Processing. We have everything onsite here including a walk-in cooler. If your state requires deboning of the meat, then we have a local butcher that provides those services and only charges $1.25 per pound including vacuum sealing which can keep your Red Stag meat fresh for up to 3 years. As for your trophy Red Stag cape, we can prepare that for your trip home to your preferred taxidermist or we can recommend a local taxidermist for your convenience.

Red Stag Hunting Prices

Youth Red Stag Hunting Special is $500 off any hunt offered at Grand Lake. The youth hunter/s must be accompanied by a paid hunting adult, and we encourage filming. An amazing family Red Stag Hunting Trip awaits.


Our Red Stag Hunting Season runs from September to January, and we offer female red deer hunts which can be added to an existing hunt or reserved alone as a meat hunt for only $1,000 per female Red Stag, lodging and meals included. 


up to a 5x5


(3 days and 2 nights-Stags)

(2 days and 1 nights-Hinds)

Home-Cooked Meals


Experienced Guides


Tracking and Recovering of game


Field dressing of game


2 1/2 year old

Best Package

Day Hunt Only

Excludes lodging and meals


Available for an additional fee

  • Skinning, Caping, and Quartering your kill

  • Meat Processing by a local USDA certified facility

  • Taxidermy by a local taxidermist

  • Accommodation for a non-hunting guest ($200/day)

  • Combo Hunt Packages at a discounted fee


for kids under 16 

100% Guarantee Kill

If no animal is harvested/wounded, only the deposit will be retained. We consider wounded animals a kill, although every effort will be made to recover your animal. A full payment will be required if an animal is wounded (as determined by a verified shot and/or blood found).

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