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Bison Hunting

If "biggest and baddest" is your thing, you can't get more monumental than an American Bison. These majestic creatures can tip the scale at 2000 lbs. Their bulky appearance deceptively provides little indication of their ability to run 35 mph and jump 5 feet. Harvesting such a creature is a testament to bravery and prowess and gives a nod to practicality by supplying you with a freezer full of nutrient-dense protein.  Here at Grand Lake Hunt, you have the opportunity to match your skill and wits with these living pieces of American Cultural History.


2 1/2 yr old male

Lodging   (3 days and 2 nights)

Home-Cooked Meals

Experienced Guides

Tracking and Recovering of game

Field dressing of game


Best Package

Day Hunt Only

Excludes lodging and meals

Available for an additional fee

  • Skinning, Caping, and Quartering your kill

  • Meat Processing by a local USDA certified facility

  • Taxidermy by a local taxidermist

  • Accommodation for a non-hunting guest ($200/day)

  • Combo Hunt Packages at a discounted fee

100% Guarantee Kill

If no animal is harvested/wounded, only the deposit will be retained. We consider wounded animals a kill, although every effort will be made to recover your animal. A full payment will be required if an animal is wounded (as determined by a verified shot and/or blood found).

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